Policy paper

EULECTIONS’19 partners have produced a policy paper with key information collected during the project’s events. It summarizes citizens’ perspectives about the future of Europe, the pros and cons of the 5 scenarios and how the EU can improve its relations with Europeans. 

About the policy paper 

This report presents the main reflections produced by the many participants of different nationalities who, over the last two years, have taken part in the various activities promoted within the framework of this project. In such events, which varied in format over time, they had the opportunity to think about the current state of the European Union, their European citizenship, and to reflect on the future of Europe. Apart from this introductory part, which briefly presents the project, the document is divided into two main parts. In the first, there is a summary of the main pros and cons associated with each scenario of the ‘5 Scenarios for the Future of Europe’ – considerations taken from all the presentations and conversations held in the different countries. In the second part, which is in turn divided into two parts, it is possible to give an account of the main recommendations for the EU on the one hand, and on the other hand, recommendations for the citizens themselves. Both produced throughout the different activities, completed with direct quotes from the participants and the place where those events took place.

Consult the policy paper here.

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