This event took place on the June, 3, 2019 in one of the high schools of Lugo and we counted on 72 participants (71 participants from the city of Lugo, Italy, 1 participant from the city of Lisbon, Portugal), mainly students, teachers, and staff of the school interested in the method and to the project.

The participants were from two different high school courses: humanistic and technical the participants were students of the last two years of high school.

This was the first event of the Emilia-Romagna tour and all of us were excited: Flaminia staff, students, teachers, and trainers.

The introduction of the workshop was dedicated to the White Paper of the Future of Europe 2025, the methods, and the goals of the project.

Each student had his own bag with his own Lego pieces. Throughout the event, with the help and instructions of the expert trainers, they went through all the points that we wanted. Gradually, the students showed their commitment to the activities, showing to be more and more willing to build “complex” models whit the LEGO, giving a 3D representation to their ideas and points of view.

After the introduction activities, a sort of ice breaking activities aimed at facilitating the student to get into the objective of the workshop, the 5th scenarios were introduced and they started to work on them divided into groups. Each group worked on one single scenario, using the same approach adopted during the introduction activities: own personal thought, 3D representation, and sharing with the rest of the team.

At the end of the project the participants photographed their 3D models, they wrote a brief summary of the experience, complete a questionnaire to collect key messages and suggestions and to assess the impact of the activity.


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