Ana Isabel Xavier, CEI-Iscte’s researcher and EULECTIONS’19 coordinator was interviewed for the last number of ENTRECAMPOS, Iscte’s magazine. The talk was focused on youth participation in European affairs, including in the electoral processes, ways to promote a citizens’ engagement with the EU and how the project has been promoting a dialogue with youth from various countries about the future of the European project.

Looking at the feedback the project has had from the participants, Ana Isabel Xavier highlighted young people’s ambitious visions for the future of the EU. When questioned about the 5 scenarios put forward by the Juncker Commission, they tend to choose those where the Union has a greater role and emphasize the need for more solidarity and action in areas like the environment and jobs. But they also recognize EU difficulties and challenges in responding to important events like the financial crisis and to the COVID19 pandemic.

Recognizing the importance of improving participation and communication channels between the EU and European citizens, Xavier believes that progress has been made but also considers that the links between citizens’ perspectives and policy making must be enhanced.

Read the full interview here ( in portuguese)


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