Would you like to help make your dream Europe come true through your ideas?

Participate on the workshop that will take place in Fusignano (free entrance) and you will have the opportunity, through the LEGOmethod® Serious Play®, to think, communicate and present solutions to problems and challenges.

You will help to create a project for the future of Europe!

The aim of this workshop is to get participants to simulate one or more European scenarios, so that they can perceive the current and future role of the European Union and understand how they can act to help achieve the EU they want.

This event is part of the project “E(U)lections’19: Think decide, change!”, a partnership between organizations from Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal to promote dialogue between students, citizens and institutions on the future of the Europe we want. The project is supported by the European Commission, Europe for Citizens Programme.

Friday 13th December 2019


c/o Museum S.Rocco

Via V. Monti, 5 Fusignano (RA)



Launch Event

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