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The objective of the event is to find answers and possible suggestions to the question “What future do we want for youngsters in the European Union?”

Participants will experience the five scenarios described in the “White paper on the future of Europe. Reflections and scenarios for the EU27 by 2025″ of the European Commission, facilitated by expert trainers in the Lego Serious Play methodology. Thanks to these interactive and innovative methods, participants will have the opportunity to express their opinion and suggestions about the future of the European Union, using the Lego as a mean of 3D representation.

Lego Serious Play methodology is a hands-on-mind method and it explores the fact that the hands are connected to 70-80% with the brain cells.

With the help of the Lego Serious Play, participants will be divided into groups of 6-7 people and will construct one of the five possible scenarios of the “White Paper”. Each group will identify challenges and possible solutions and at the end will share their story with the other participants with the aim to collect feedback and opinions.

During the game, the participants will use an app to photograph their 3D models with a brief summary (keyword) of the associated history.

At the end of the day, the participant will complete a brief questionnaire to collect key messages, keywords, and suggestions and to assess the impact of the activity.

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