Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 55, 2595AN The Hague


It will be a fun evening, when we gather a multicultural group of youth and we will celebrate being part of Europe.

The event includes 3 different activities:

1 – “Who wants to be European?” quiz – A quiz in the format of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” to be played in small groups and will trigger the discussion of many important issues regarding being European and being involved in the elections that will take place next week. We will also inform international youth about places where they can read information in English about the different political parties.

2 – What does it mean to be European? – We will hold a session where participants in smaller groups will be discussion what being European might mean plus the ways we should or could be engaged. This will be summarize in posters that will be shared with the whole group.

3 – What do you wanna say to the next elected European Parliament? – Artistic installation where the participants will have the chance to leave a message to the Parliament. we will create a mosaic from the different messages and build something together.


Bands confirmed:  Adam Warrak and Vita & Jaime


Moderators: Yasir Syed, Lucinda Miedema, Kristijan Tevcev, Andreia Bessa

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